“Audio Saucepan: The Heart of the Wood Episode”

Though it begins with a track called silence, and the growl-y sound of the bass clarinet, the music in this week’s episode pulls deep into our core. “Audio Saucepan: The Heart of the Wood Episode”  takes its name from Michael Gordon’s recording “Timber,” which is scored for a handful of musicians playing simantras (percussive instruments from Greek liturgy that seem nearly indistinguishable from 2x4s). The music is mesmerizing. You can get immersed ahead of time with this YouTube video of Timber.

As we move away from this and into the music of Canadian folk singer-songwriters Kate and Anna McGarrigle, the Swedish piano trio E.S.T., and jazz icon Ahmad Jamal, you’ll get the chance to ponder three poems: “The Adventure” by Aaron Shurin (from Citizen, City Lights Books); “A Long Commute” by Laura Kasischke (from Fire & Flower, Alice James Books); and “Fenceposts” by Eamon Grennan (Relations: New and Selected Poems, Graywolf Press).

Aaron Shurin, the author of eleven books of poetry and prose, uses witty, lyrical language to travel across the borders of cities and the boundaries of form,  crafting a complex and entirely readable vision of daily life as a citizen of the imagination.

Audio Saucepan” broadcasts on KSFR 101.1 FM Santa Fe Public Radio on Sunday evenings (5-6 PM Mountain Standard Time). If you aren’t near a radio or near New Mexico, you can hear the show by streaming from the KSFR website during that hour.

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