Are You Reading Your Work Aloud?

It is not foolish. It is IMPORTANT to read your work aloud. You have to hear the word choices and how well they fit together. You have to hear the rhythm, and the places where the rhythm you have created fails.

Read to anyone, or no one. Be a bard and announce your words to the walls of your apartment. Whisper the poem to the dog. Read to a group of avid fans. Whatever you choose, you must MUST must read aloud at various points in the revision process.

Even better, ask someone else to read your poem to you. Someone who has never seen or heard the poem before. This will help you hear the sticky places in the poem — and with this information, you can set about finding fixes for those.

That’s it — one small, easy revision tip — and my thought for the day.

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One Response to Are You Reading Your Work Aloud?

  1. Ama says:

    This is such good advice!