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On this page, you’ll find links to Lauren’s poems
in online journals, audio readings of some poems,
reviews of Lauren’s books, and interviews that reveal
intimate details about her process and ideas.

Lauren Camp


About Place Journal

The Academy of American Poets:


at Length
   Elegy for the Routine

   Probability: Three Cities, Four Minds, Double Entry
   First Longing


   Smeary Flowers, 1983

   Following Ghosts Through the Yucatán

The Missing Slate
   Lately, I keep crossing

Pea River Journal
   All Those Seconds as Far Back as Possible

Poets Reading the News
   X + X = Bebop = SAMO ©
   The Other Congregants

Southern Humanities Review
   Still Life with Extinctions

Spiral Orb
   Algae Farm

Tinderbox Poetry Journal
   Looking Long at Mountains
   Traveling with the Ferryman

   One Hunger Could Eat Every Other

   The Road to the Jungle

World Literature Today

Zócalo Public Square

Poems with Audio

Poets Reading the News
   Romare Bearden Cuts a Slow Eye for His Painting

   Accidental Singing

Terrain.org: A Journal
of the Built + Natural Environments

   Two poems…


Video Profile

Earth Chronicles Project
   Interview with Lauren Camp


Elsewhere Lit
   About One Hundred Hungers

World Literature Today
   Surrendering to the Unsaid
   What’s in the Notes: The Sound of Jazz in Poetry

Reviews of One Hundred Hungers

Miriam’s Well

Valparaiso Poetry Review

World Literature Today

Reviews of The Dailiness

Halfway Down the Stairs

Poetry Matters

Rain Taxi

The Volta Blog

World Literature Today, Editor’s Pick


Circulo de Poesia
   Six poems in Spanish and English…

Escape Into Life
   Three poems in Turkish and English…


Drunken Boat
   Witness the Hour: Conversations with Arab-American Poets Across the Diaspora

Elsewhere Lit:
A Journey of Literature and Art

   February 6, 2017

The Missing Slate
   Poet of the Month: Lauren Camp

Primal School
   Life’s Wrecked Railings

The Strong Letters
   On One Hundred Hungers

Radio Interviews

Santa Fe Radio Cafe
   April 22, 2016

Women’s Focus — KUNM
   May 18 2016